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Red Oak with Loba Impact Oil Papyrus

Restore your hardwood floor back to its original look or change the colour completely by having it professionally refinished. The main reason to sand a floor, whether new or existing, is to give beauty to a renewable resource that can usually be repaired and refinished instead of replaced. We specialize in refinishing all species of hardwood floors using NWFA approved sanding methods to guarantee a beautiful looking floor every time. We are 99% dustless leaving your home virtually free from any harmful dust.

Refinishing - 99% dustless sanding using a Oneida Cobra professional HEPA dust containment system we are able to eliminate harmful dust that would normally be airborne throughout the house during the sanding process. With this service we are able to remove cupping, deep scratches, bevels in prefinished floors, dents, or sanding imperfections from a poor sanding job. You can also change the colour of the floor with over 40 selections of DuraSeal stain colours. There is a wide range of penetrating oils to choose from for a more natural feel and appearance as well. Refinishing requires sanding the floor to remove all the varnish and/or stain down to the bare wood to achieve a flat and even surface. We specialize in using low VOC waterborne finishes when refinishing your hardwood floor.

Maintenance Coat - 100% dust free. This process doesn't require any sanding. It can be used to remove minor surface scratches and restore old dull finish. This requires deep cleaning the floor with a special solution that removes dirt, oil, and any other contaminants that may interfere with finish application. Then 1 application of high traffic Loba 2 component waterborne finish is applied. 1 day turnaround. NOT FOR PREFINISHED FLOORS. Floors that have been cleaned with Murphy's Oil or other floor polishes may not be suitable.

Stairs - Refinish your existing stair treads. We also do full installations of new stairs and railings.

Installation - We install Solid Hardwood, Laminate flooring, Engineered hardwood, and Cork.

Fully licensed and insured.

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