About Us

Syd's Flooring, located in the nation's capital is a small business focused on craftsmanship, pride in workmanship, and leading the way in quality and innovation for the floor sanding industry. By using only the best products available in the industry and being highly educated with information and techniques from the National Wood Flooring Association, we are guaranteed to deliver the floor of your dreams.  


Being a small business with one crew allows for greater attention to the small details. From sanding the floor, to applying the finish, to putting down the toilet seat, i will treat your home and floor as if it were my own. Floor refinishing is an art that takes proper training and unique skills to properly execute and I take great pride in the quality of my work. 


I started working with wood when I was a child cutting and sanding wood figures with my dad for my mom to paint but sports quickly took over and the hobby died off. It wasn't till high school when I found the passion for wood working again and the hobby developed into making small furniture. My first hardwood floor I installed was in my moms home when I was 19 and that's where I developed the passion for flooring. I took a summer job with a local flooring company, sanding and installing floors, learning the basic skills of the trade before going on my own. Using the knowledge available from the National Hardwood Flooring Association I was really able to hone in those skills to become the professional floor sander I am today. 


My main focus is to provide you with an outstanding service transforming your floor, whether it be 5 years old or 100 years old, into the beautiful piece of art it has the potential to be. 

Red Oak stained DuraSeal Dark Wanut. Loba Invisible coating


Syd's Flooring

Ottawa,ON, Canada